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About Cliniq Mart

Coronna virus has hit the denizens of the globe with pounding velocity, perpetuating utter turmoil and catastrophe. In such drastic times bold measures are required to contain the situation and “ lockdown “ is one such measure taken by the government which means no business and movements. Though every one is underlockdown our medical frontliners like hospital and healthcare agency staffs are serving the country at such desperate times. They need to be well protected to fight the virus but are constantly under the challenge of procuring and getting the right supplies delivered to them in times like this. gears up to effectively handle this unforeseen crisis of a powerful magnitude and pledges to provide resilience to the supply chain of medical equipment. Strong initiatives are being taken by along with some industry experts and launched Cliniq-Mart to provide assistance to our medical front liners. Medical supplies such as 3 ply masks, N 95 mask, Covid -19 suits, Sanitizers, disinfectants, medical kits are being supplied without delay to fight the deadly enemy Covid-19. Cliniqumart is an online directory B2B Platform which will enable you to reach out to numerous reliable suppliers. Important medical equipment required during emergency situations in hospitals such as ventilators, thermometers are being delivered promptly.